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There are very few books in print which describe stone or slate roofing. Prices below do not include postage.
There are also some downloadable regional guides.

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The free English Heritage Stone Slate Technical Advice Note provides detailed advice on the conservation of stone roofs. It was revised in 2005 and is available by phone 0870 429 6658 (product code 51024) or post from English Heritage Customer Services, PO Box 569, Swindon SN2 2YP. Illustrated A4 23 pages. Preview.
The free Roofs of England pamphlet discusses some of the issues surrounding the decline of the stone slate industry. Out of print but available on the SRA website here. A4 12 pages

English Heritage's Practical Building Conservation - Roofing.

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A guide to Horsham roofing: design; construction and conservation. 
There are two systems of roofing with Horsham stone-slates: the ‘normal’ double lap system and single lapping which is unique to Horsham stone roofs.  Problems have arisen, including roof failure due to leakage, because of uncertainty about the precise details of each system and confusion between the two.  This document was developed during a series of meetings and discussions with people experienced in the use of Horsham stone-slates and the problems of conserving historic roofs. 

England's Heritage in Stone
Vernacular Slate and Stone Roofs in England. The vernacular slate and stone roofs of England have used a very wide variety of fissile or cleavable rocks ranging in age from Cambrian to Cretaceous. The physical and visual characteristics of these stones and the skill and ingenuity of roof slaters in adapting them to a range of weather conditions have made a major contribution to England’s built heritage and regional distinctiveness. Supply from the larger slate quarries, even in the face of increasing cheap imports from Asia and South America, is secure in the short term. At the small-scale end of the industry – mainly sandstones and limestones – the efforts to support and revitalise the quarries on which the conservation of these roofs depends have had considerable success, but their future is by no means secure. 

English Heritage Research Transactions volume 9: Stone roofing. £30
ISBN 1 902916 32 8
Editor Chris Wood
The first chapter discusses the decline of the stone slate industry, the consequent loss of this important aspect of regional distinctiveness and how the trend might be reversed. MacDonald, Hughes, Wood and Strange .
Chapter two describes the types of stones used for roofing throughout England, the state of the market and supply and some of the regional features of stone roofs. Hughes.
The last chapter traces the re-roofing of Pitchford Church in Shropshire from the search for the old delves, through the analysis of why the existing roof had failed prematurely and the development of a specification to avoid the previous mistakes and the successful delving and construction of a new roof. Wood and Hughes.
Illustrated A4 156 pages. Preview.

English Heritage Book Service, Orders Dept, PO Box 582, Norwich NR1 1WN
Tel: 0870 429 6658. Quote ISBN 1 902916 32 8 PRODUCT CODE 50749 

The Pattern of Scottish Roofing. £20
ISBN 1 903570 09 3
Gerald Emerton
The definitive description of slate, stone and clay tile roofing in Scotland. Illustrated A4 171 pages

Historic Scotland Shop, Longmore House, Salisbury Place, Edinburgh EH9 1SH
email conservation.bureau
Tel: +44 (0) 131 668 8638 Fax: +44 (0) 131 668 8669 

The Pattern of English Building. Alec Clifton Taylor.
Apparently out of print but can be found second hand. Blackwells Bookshop suggests a price of £35 (11/2003) and will do a search of dealers for you through their Exedra service. Click on the out of print search link on the home page. Illustrated 480 pages

English Stone Building. Alec Clifton Taylor and A S Ireson. About £17
Orion Publishing Co Weidenfeld Nicolson Illustrated 285 pages
ISBN: 0575058463 

Both these books include useful introductions to the variety of slate and stone roofing to be found in England.

Roof Slating and Tiling. £45
ISBN 1 873394 46 2
Frank Bennet and Alfred Pinion

A facsimile reprint about slating and tiling from a time when it was an everyday skill. An excellent introduction to the subject but beware, many of the problems frequently encountered with slate roofing today are not discussed because back then they didn't occur. Illustrated 331 pages

Donhead Publishing Ltd, Lower Coombe, Donhead St Mary, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 9LY
Tel: +44 (0) 1747 828422

British Standards 
BS5534 2003 Code of Practice for slating and tiling. £152 or at a 50% discount for BSI members.
ISBN 0 580 41740 9
This is the official guide to how slate and tile roofs should be constructed in the UK. A4 132 pages.

BS8000 Workmanship on building sites Part 6 1990 Roof slating and tiling. £74 or at a 50% discount for BSI members. (£3.22 per page! Unfortunately BSI's pricing policy seems to be designed to ensure the minimum sales.)
Following the revision of BS5534 in 2003 this standard is to be revised and updated. A4 23 pages. 
ISBN 0 580 18289 4

British Standards Institution 389 Chiswick High Road, London W4 4AL
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8996 9000

Derbyshire County Council 
Stone slate roof guide for building owners (Acrobat)
Stone roofs model specification (Acrobat)
Sources of stone (MS Word)

Collyweston Stone Slaters Trust's slating specification, specification guide, and roof details

North Wiltshire District Council Stone tiling guide Acrobat file

Tewksbury Borough Council's Cotswold stone slate roofing guide