Taylor’s is the World’s largest bell foundry.  The Taylor family became involved in bell founding in 1784 with a company dating back to the 14th century.  The foundry was established on the current site in 1839 and the buildings are listed grade II*.  The listing descriptions are here and here

All images © Richard Jordan

The slates fixed to angle iron with lead ‘nails’   


The Welsh tally slates are fixed to the angle iron battens with lead ‘nails’.

Tally slates is the traditional name for slates sold by count and all the same size unlike random slates which are sold by weight.

Packing under the eaves battens 

The cast iron gutters and the battens sit on the trusses and the top  edge of the slates rests on the edge of the angle.  near the eaves the angles would be a bit lower than the natural line of the slates so their heads would be unsupported.  To compensate for this the lowest three battens are packed up.

Roof construction

The roof trusses are formed with angle iron and round bar bolted together.  They support angle iron slating battens riveted to the trusses.

Water is taken from the roof in cast iron gutters behind parapet walls.