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STONE-SLATE QUARRIES OR DELPHS: A guide to making a mineral planning application for stone-slate production
The Stone Roof Working Group has produced a guide to making a mineral planning application for a small quarry or delph. It was prepared by Andrew Sierakowski with help from the SRA members and the IHBC publications committee. It can be obtained free from admin@ihbc.org.uk. Be sure to include your name, delivery address and phone number in the email.
Britain is fortunate in having a wide variety of roofing sandstones and limestones that have contributed to the regional distinctiveness of our towns and countryside. Unfortunately, many of these are no longer manufactured with the result that we are losing historic roofs at an alarming rate. In an effort to stem this loss, English Heritage's Roofs of England campaign is encouraging the re-opening of small, stone-slate quarries or ‘delphs’ to supply local markets. 
Before you can open a quarry or delph you must obtain planning permission from the local council. This can appear to be a more difficult process than it really is, so don’t be put off. Help and support are available from many organisations and if the various steps are approached methodically with a clear plan of action in mind you will find that the process is straightforward. This guide sets out the stages in preparing an application and where to go for help and advice.
Every council will have a Local Plan that is intended to ensure that the market for stone products can be satisfied without unacceptable consequences. So if there is a demand for the products then the mineral planning process will normally support its supply.
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