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  • Introduction: Stone-slate geology
  • Stratigraphy
  • Rocks and climate
  • Map
  • Cretaceous - Wealden
  • Jurassic
  • Permian and Triassic
  • Carboniferous
  • Devonian - Old Red Sandstone
  • Silurian - Pridoli: The Tilestones
  • Ordovician
  • These two tables illustrate the position of some tilestones within the geological succession. It is not a exhaustive list. It does not, for example, include siltstones or 'shales' which fall between sedimentary and metamorphic slates.
    In the Carboniferous there are too many historical production locations to be listed in the table. 
    The colours in the table match those in the MAP as closely as possible but because white text over dark backgrounds does not always print some backgrounds are lighter or different colours.
    Table 1: Some sources of tilestones in the Paleozoic and Mesozoic sedimentary rocks
    Cretaceous Chalk including Red Chalk
    - Upper Greensand and Gault
    - Lower Greensand
    - Weald Clay
    - Hastings Beds Sussex:Horsham Stone
    Sussex : Charlwood Slate - Cyrena Limestone
    Jurassic: Upper Purbeck Dorset: Isles of Purbeck and Portland, 
    Wiltshire: Vale of Wardour, Swindon
    - Portland
    - Ampthill and Kimmeridge
    -- Corallian Dorset: Gillingham 
    Oxfordshire: Buckland Warren (Pusey Slates)
    Jurassic: Middle - Inferior and Great Oolite Oxford Clay and Kellaway Beds
    Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxford Forest Marble Dorset: Fleet, 
    Somerset: Bothenhampton nr Bridport, Longburton and Yetminster nr Sherborne, 
    Wiltshire: Bradford on Avon, Atworth, Poulton, Neston Park, Vale of Wardour
    Gloucestershire:  Down Ampney, Tetbury, Chevenage, Burford to Lechlade
    White limestone including Hampen Marly Beds Cheltenham to Cirencester
    Taynton Stone in North Burford to Enstone (Fulwell slates) Soundborough
    Trougham Tilestone Formation in South Througham (Bisley Flats)
    Sharps Hill Beds Shipton under Wychwood
    Stonesfield slates Stonesfield
    Fuller's Earth including the Eyford Member Andoverford to Lower Slaughter, Windrush Valley, Soundborough, Brockhill, Sevenhampton Common, Chalk Hill, Stow on the Wold
    Chipping Norton Limestone  Moreton in Marsh
    - Inferior Oolite Gloucestershire: Snowhill, Kineton
    - Northampton Sand Duston, Harlestone Heath, Pitsford, Weston-Favell
    East Midlands  Blisworth Limestone Oundle, Blisworth, Yardley Chase
    Rutland Formation Pytchley, Hopping Hill near Duston, Helmdon? near Banbury
    Lincolnshire limestone Formation Collyweston, Easton on the Hill, Kirby Lodge, Duddington
    Grantham Formation
    Northampton Sand Formation Duston, Harleston, Pitsford, Weston Favell
    Yorkshire Scarborough Grey or Limstone  Brandsby
    Boltby slate Hambleton Hills
    Jurassic: Lower Upper Lias Somerset: Ham Hill,
    - Middle Lias Northants: Chacombe
    - Lower Lias Dorset: Queen Camel
    Permian and Triassic:  Triassic Mudstones
    Also see Grinshill Permian and Triassic Sandstones. New Red Sandstone Cumbria:Eden Valley
    Dumfries and Galloway: Llocharbriggs and Llochmaben.
    - Budleigh Salterton Pebble Beds
    - Permian Mudstones
    - Magnesian Limestones Derbyshire: Whitwell
    - Permian Basal Breccias, sandstones and mudstones
    Carboniferous: Silesian Westphalian and Stephanian, Barren Red lithology
    - Upper Westphalian Pennant Measures S Wales: Llangadog, Pontardawe 
    Gloucestershire: Forest of Dean 
    Avon: Bristol
    - Lower Westphalian 
    Productive Coal Measures
    Parts of North Derbyshire, East Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Co Durham, Cumbria and Northumberland.
    - Namurian Millstone Grit Parts of North Derbyshire, East Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Co Durham, Cumbria and Northumberland.
    Carboniferous: Dinantian Tournasian and Visean 
    Carboniferous Limestone Series
    - Basal Conglomerate
    Devonian Upper Devonian and Upper Old Red Sandstone
    - Limestone
    - Middle Devonian / Mid Old Red Sandstone Caithness: Thurso 
    Orkney and Shetland.
    - Lower Devonian
    - Lower Old Red Sandstone  Hereford: Llanveynoe, Garnons and Dinmore Hills. 
    Tayside: Carmylie. 
    Silurian Pridoli Welsh Marches: Downton Castle. 
    S Wales: Llandeilo to Llandovery.
    - Ludlow
    - Wenlock
    - Llandovery
    Ordovician Ashgill
    -- Caradoc Shropshire: Acton Burnell, Cheney Longville.
    - Llandeilo
    - Llanvirn and Arenig
    Cambrian Upper Including Tremadoc
    - Middle
    - Lower
    Precambrian Rocks of Anglesey, Lleyn Peninsula, Charnwood and Longmynd
    Table 2: Tilestones in Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks
    Igneous Intrusive Diorite . Powys: Corndon Hill*
    Metamorphic Dalradian
    - Moine Mica-schist Strathclyde: Ross of Mull
    - Lewisian
    *The attribution of the Corndon Hill stone slate as igneous is now known to be wrong. It is in fact a very fine, laminated siliceous sandstone. More details here.